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This is the complete list of members for _IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL, including all inherited members.
add(IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal, bool pnext) (defined in _IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL)_IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL
get(IKE_PROPOSAL **proposal, long pindex, uint8_t proto=0) (defined in _IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL)_IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL
nextb(long &bindex, long &pindex, long &pcount) (defined in _IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL)_IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL
nextp(IKE_PROPOSAL **proposal, long &pindex, long &tindex, long &tcount) (defined in _IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL)_IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL
nextt(IKE_PROPOSAL **proposal, long &tindex) (defined in _IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL)_IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL

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