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_IDB_PEER Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for _IDB_PEER:
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Public Member Functions

 _IDB_PEER (IKE_PEER *set_peer)
bool add (bool lock)
bool dec (bool lock, bool setdel=false)
bool inc (bool lock)
virtual IDB_RC_LISTlist ()
virtual const char * name ()

Public Attributes

BDATA cert_l
BDATA cert_r
unsigned char contact
long dpd_delay
long dpd_mode
long dpd_retry
unsigned char exchange
BDATA fpass
long frag_esp_mode
size_t frag_esp_size
long frag_ike_mode
size_t frag_ike_size
BDATA iddata_l
BDATA iddata_r
unsigned char idtype_l
unsigned char idtype_r
EVP_PKEY * key
long life_check
bool nailed
long natt_mode
unsigned short natt_port
long natt_rate
bool notify
long plcy_level
long plcy_mode
BDATA xauth_group
IKED_XAUTH * xauth_source
long xconf_mode
IKED_XCONF * xconf_source

Protected Member Functions

void callend ()
long chkflags (long flags)
long clrflags (long flags)
long setflags (long flags)

Protected Attributes

long idb_flags
long idb_refcount

Private Member Functions

virtual void beg ()
virtual void end ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 399 of file iked.idb.h.

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