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_IKED Member List

This is the complete list of members for _IKED, including all inherited members.
_IDB_CFG (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_INF (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_LIST_CFG (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_LIST_IKED (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_LIST_PEER (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_LIST_PH1 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_LIST_PH2 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_LIST_POLICY (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_LIST_TUNNEL (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_PEER (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_PH1 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_PH2 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_POLICY (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_RC_ENTRY (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_TUNNEL (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IDB_XCH (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IKED() (defined in _IKED)_IKED
_IKED_XAUTH_LDAP (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IKED_XAUTH_SYSTEM (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IKED_XCONF (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_IKED_XCONF_LOCAL (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_PH1DEAD (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_PH1HARD (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_PH1SOFT (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_PH2HARD (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_PH2SOFT (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_RESEND (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_TUNDHCP (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_TUNDPD (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_TUNNATT (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_EVENT_TUNSTATS (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_IKEC (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_IKES (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_NWORK (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
_ITH_PFKEY (defined in _IKED)_IKED [friend]
asn1_text(BDATA &asn1, BDATA &text) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
bdata_2_cert(X509 **x509, BDATA &cert) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_2_bdata(BDATA &cert, X509 *x509) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_desc(BDATA &cert, BDATA &text) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_load(BDATA &cert, char *fpath, bool ca, BDATA &pass) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_load_p12(BDATA &cert, FILE *fp, bool ca, BDATA &pass) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_load_pem(BDATA &cert, FILE *fp, bool ca, BDATA &pass) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_save(BDATA &cert, char *fpath) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_subj(BDATA &cert, BDATA &subj) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cert_verify(IDB_LIST_CERT &certs, BDATA &ca, BDATA &cert) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
client_cleanup(VNET_ADAPTER *adapter, IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
client_setup(VNET_ADAPTER *adapter, IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cmp_ph1id(IKE_PH1ID &idt, IKE_PH1ID &ids, bool natt) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cmp_ph2id(IKE_PH2ID &idt, IKE_PH2ID &ids, bool exact) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cond_idb (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
cond_run (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
conf_fail (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
conf_load(const char *path, bool trace=false) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_chk_hash(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_CFG *cfg, unsigned long msgid) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_client_xauth_recv(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_client_xauth_send(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_client_xconf_pull_recv(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_client_xconf_pull_send(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_client_xconf_push_recv(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_client_xconf_push_send(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_message_send(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_CFG *cfg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_server_xauth_recv(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_server_xauth_send(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_server_xconf_pull_recv(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_server_xconf_pull_send(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_server_xconf_push_recv(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_server_xconf_push_send(IDB_CFG *cfg, IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_xconf_get(IDB_CFG *cfg, long &getmask, long readmask, VENDOPTS vendopts) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
config_xconf_set(IDB_CFG *cfg, long &setmask, long nullmask, VENDOPTS vendopts) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
dhcp_seed (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
dnsgrpid (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
dump_decrypt (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
dump_encrypt (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
find_name(long type, long id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
gen_ph1id_l(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IKE_PH1ID &ph1id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
gen_ph1id_r(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IKE_PH1ID &ph1id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
halt() (defined in _IKED)_IKED
header(PACKET_IP &packet, ETH_HEADER &ethhdr) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
idb_list_cfg (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
idb_list_netgrp (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
idb_list_peer (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
idb_list_ph1 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
idb_list_ph2 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
idb_list_policy (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
idb_list_tunnel (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ident (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ikes (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_chk_delete(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IKE_NOTIFY *notify, bool secure) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_chk_hash(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_XCH *inform) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_chk_notify(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IKE_NOTIFY *notify, bool secure) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_gen_hash(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_XCH *inform) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_gen_iv(IDB_PH1 *ph1, unsigned long msgid, BDATA &iv) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_get_spi(char *text, IDB_PH1 *ph1, IKE_NOTIFY *notify) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_new_delete(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
inform_new_notify(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2, unsigned short code, BDATA *data=NULL) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
init(long setlevel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED
ipfrag (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
iproute (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ith_ikec (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ith_ikes (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ith_nwork (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ith_pfkey (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ith_timer (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
level (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
list_socket (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
lock_idb (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
lock_net (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
lock_run (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
log (defined in _IKED)_IKED
logflags (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
loop() (defined in _IKED)_IKED
loop_ike_nwork() (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
loop_ike_pfkey() (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
loop_ipc_client(IKEI *ikei) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
loop_ipc_server() (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
loop_ref_dec(const char *name) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
loop_ref_inc(const char *name) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
loopcount (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
packet_ike_decrypt(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA *iv) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
packet_ike_encap(PACKET_IKE &packet_ike, PACKET_IP &packet_ip, IKE_SADDR &src, IKE_SADDR &dst, long natt) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
packet_ike_encrypt(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA *iv) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
packet_ike_send(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_XCH *xch, PACKET_IKE &packet, bool retry) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
packet_ike_xmit(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_XCH *xch, PACKET_IKE &packet, bool retry) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
paddr_ph2id(PFKI_ADDR &paddr, IKE_PH2ID &ph2id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
path_decrypt (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
path_dhcp (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
path_encrypt (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
path_ins (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
path_log (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_attr(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_ATTR &attrib) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_cert(PACKET_IKE &packet, uint8_t type, BDATA &cert, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_cfglist(PACKET_IKE &packet, IDB_CFG *cfg, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_creq(PACKET_IKE &packet, uint8_t type, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_delete(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_NOTIFY *notify, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_frag(PACKET_IKE &packet, unsigned char &index, unsigned char *data, size_t &size, size_t max) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_hash(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &hash, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_kex(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &gx, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_natd(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &natd, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_nonce(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &nonce, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_notify(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_NOTIFY *notify, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_ph1id(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_PH1ID &ph1id, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_ph2id(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_PH2ID &ph2id, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_sa(PACKET_IKE &packet, IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL &plist, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_sign(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &sign, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_vend(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &vend, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_add_xform(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_attr(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_ATTR &attrib) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_cert(PACKET_IKE &packet, uint8_t &type, BDATA &cert) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_cfglist(PACKET_IKE &packet, IDB_CFG *cfg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_creq(PACKET_IKE &packet, uint8_t &type, BDATA &dn) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_delete(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_NOTIFY *notify) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_frag(PACKET_IKE &packet, IDB_PH1 *ph1, bool &complete) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_hash(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &hash, long size) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_kex(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &gx) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_natd(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &natd, long size) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_nonce(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &nonce) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_notify(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_NOTIFY *notify) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_ph1id(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_PH1ID &ph1id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_ph2id(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_PH2ID &ph2id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_sa(PACKET_IKE &packet, IDB_LIST_PROPOSAL &plist) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_sign(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &sign) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_vend(PACKET_IKE &packet, BDATA &vend) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
payload_get_xform(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pcap_decrypt (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pcap_encrypt (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
peercount (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_init_phase2(bool nail, u_int16_t plcytype, u_int32_t plcyid, u_int32_t seq) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_recv_acquire(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_recv_flush(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_recv_getspi(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_recv_spadd(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_recv_spdel(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_recv_spflush(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_recv_spnew(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_send_delete(IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_send_getspi(IDB_POLICY *policy, IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_send_spadd(PFKI_SPINFO *spinfo) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_send_spdel(PFKI_SPINFO *spinfo) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfkey_send_update(IDB_PH2 *ph2, IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal, BDATA &ekey, BDATA &akey, long dir) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pfki (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
ph2id_paddr(IKE_PH2ID &ph2id, PFKI_ADDR &paddr) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_add_natd(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_add_vend(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, uint8_t next) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_chk_hash(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_chk_idr(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_chk_natd(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_chk_port(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IKE_SADDR *saddr_r, IKE_SADDR *saddr_l) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_chk_sign(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_chk_vend(IDB_PH1 *ph1, BDATA &vend) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_cmp_prop(IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal1, IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal2, bool initiator, long life_check) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_gen_hash_i(IDB_PH1 *ph1, BDATA &hash) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_gen_hash_r(IDB_PH1 *ph1, BDATA &hash) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_gen_keys(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_gen_natd(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_gen_prop(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase1_sel_prop(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_chk_hash_i(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_chk_hash_p(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_chk_hash_r(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_chk_params(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2, PACKET_IKE &packet) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_cmp_prop(IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal1, IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal2, bool initiator, long life_check) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_gen_hash_i(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2, BDATA &hash) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_gen_hash_p(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2, BDATA &hash) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_gen_hash_r(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2, BDATA &hash) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_gen_keys(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_gen_keys(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2, long dir, IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal, BDATA &shared) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_gen_prop(IDB_PH2 *ph2, IDB_POLICY *policy) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
phase2_sel_prop(IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_cmp_prots(PFKI_SPINFO *spinfo1, PFKI_SPINFO *spinfo2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_create(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel, u_int16_t type, u_int8_t level, IKE_PH2ID &id1, IKE_PH2ID &id2, bool route) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_dhcp_create(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_dhcp_remove(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_get_addrs(PFKI_SPINFO *spinfo, IKE_SADDR &src, IKE_SADDR &dst) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_list_create(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel, bool initiator) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_list_remove(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel, bool initiator) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policy_remove(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel, u_int16_t type, u_int8_t level, IKE_PH2ID &id1, IKE_PH2ID &id2, bool route) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
policyid (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_config_recv(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, unsigned char payload) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_config_send(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_CFG *cfg) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_dhcp_recv(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_dhcp_send(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_ike_recv(PACKET_IKE &packet, IKE_SADDR &saddr_src, IKE_SADDR &saddr_dst) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_ike_send() (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_inform_recv(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, unsigned char payload) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_inform_send(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_XCH *inform) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_phase1_recv(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, unsigned char payload) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_phase1_send(IDB_PH1 *ph1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_phase2_recv(IDB_PH1 *ph1, PACKET_IKE &packet, unsigned char payload) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
process_phase2_send(IDB_PH1 *ph1, IDB_PH2 *ph2) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
prvkey_rsa_encrypt(EVP_PKEY *evp_pkey, BDATA &hash, BDATA &sign) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
prvkey_rsa_load(EVP_PKEY **evp_pkey, char *fpath, BDATA &pass) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
prvkey_rsa_load_p12(EVP_PKEY **evp_pkey, FILE *fp, BDATA &pass) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
prvkey_rsa_load_pem(EVP_PKEY **evp_pkey, FILE *fp, BDATA &pass) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pubkey_rsa_decrypt(EVP_PKEY *evp_pkey, BDATA &sign, BDATA &hash) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
pubkey_rsa_read(BDATA &cert, EVP_PKEY **evp_pkey) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
rand_bytes(void *buff, long size) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
recv_ip(PACKET_IP &packet, ETH_HEADER *ethhdr=NULL) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
retry_count (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
retry_delay (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
send_ip(PACKET_IP &packet, ETH_HEADER *ethhdr=NULL) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
sock_ike_open (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
sock_natt_open (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_create(IKE_SADDR &saddr, bool natt) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_dhcp_create(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_dhcp_recv(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel, PACKET &packet) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_dhcp_remove(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_dhcp_send(IDB_TUNNEL *tunnel, PACKET &packet) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_done() (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_init() (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_lookup_addr(IKE_SADDR &saddr_l, IKE_SADDR &saddr_r) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_lookup_port(IKE_SADDR &saddr_l, bool natt) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
socket_select(unsigned long timeout) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
state (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_addr(char *text, in_addr &addr) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_addr(char *text, sockaddr *saddr, bool port) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_addr(char *text, IKE_SADDR *iaddr, bool port) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_addr(char *text, PFKI_ADDR *paddr, bool port, bool netmask) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_asn1(BDATA &text, BDATA &asn1) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_mask(char *text, in_addr &addr) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_ph1id(char *text, IKE_PH1ID *ph1id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_ph2id(char *text, IKE_PH2ID *ph2id) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_port(char *text, int port) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
text_prot(char *text, int prot) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
tunnelid (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
unity_fwtype (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_chkpt (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_dpd1 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_frag (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_hbeat (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_kame (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_natt_rfc (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_natt_v00 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_natt_v01 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_natt_v02 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_natt_v03 (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_netsc (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_ssoft (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_swind (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_unity (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_xauth (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vend_zwall (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vnet_get(VNET_ADAPTER **adapter) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vnet_init() (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
vnet_rel(VNET_ADAPTER *adapter) (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
xauth_local (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
xconf_local (defined in _IKED)_IKED [private]
~_IKED() (defined in _IKED)_IKED

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