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_IKEI_MSG Member List

This is the complete list of members for _IKEI_MSG, including all inherited members.
get_basic(long *value, BDATA *bdata=NULL) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG [private]
get_cfgstr(long *type, BDATA *str) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_client(IKE_XCONF *xconf) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_enable(long *enable) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_network(long *type, IKE_PH2ID *ph2id) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_peer(IKE_PEER *peer) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_proposal(IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_result(long *msgres) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_stats(IKEI_STATS *stats) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_status(long *status, BDATA *str) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
get_struct(long *value, void *sdata, size_t ssize) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG [private]
header (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
init(long type) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG [private]
set_basic(long value, BDATA *bdata=NULL) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG [private]
set_cfgstr(long type, BDATA *str) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_client(IKE_XCONF *xconf) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_enable(long enable) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_network(long type, IKE_PH2ID *ph2id) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_peer(IKE_PEER *peer) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_proposal(IKE_PROPOSAL *proposal) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_result(long msgres) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_stats(IKEI_STATS *stats) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_status(long status, BDATA *str) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_status(long status, const char *str) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG
set_struct(long value, void *sdata, size_t ssize) (defined in _IKEI_MSG)_IKEI_MSG [private]

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