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_PACKET_DNS Member List

This is the complete list of members for _PACKET_DNS, including all inherited members.
_BDATA() (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
_BDATA(_BDATA &bdata) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
add(_BDATA &bdata) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
add(int value, size_t size) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
add(void *buff, size_t size) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
add(char *buff, size_t size) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
add(const char *buff, size_t size) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
add_byte(uint8_t data) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
add_null(size_t size) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
add_quad(uint32_t data, bool hton=true) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
add_rr (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
add_word(uint16_t data, bool hton=true) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
answ (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
ath_rr (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
base64_decode() (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
base64_encode() (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
buff() (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
data_buff (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA [protected]
data_oset (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA [protected]
data_real (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA [protected]
data_size (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA [protected]
del(bool null=false) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
flags (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
get(_BDATA &bdata, size_t size=BDATA_ALL) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
get(void *buff, size_t size) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
get(char *buff, size_t size) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
get_additional(DNS_RECORD **record, long index) (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
get_answer(DNS_RECORD **record, long index) (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
get_authority(DNS_RECORD **record, long index) (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
get_byte(uint8_t &data) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
get_null(size_t size) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
get_quad(uint32_t &data, bool ntoh=true) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
get_question(DNS_QUERY **query, long index) (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
get_word(uint16_t &data, bool ntoh=true) (defined in _PACKET)_PACKET
grow(size_t new_size=~0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA [protected]
hex_decode() (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
hex_encode(bool upper_case=false) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
ident (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
ins(_BDATA &bdata, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
ins(int value, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
ins(void *buff, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
ins(char *buff, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
ins(const char *buff, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
list_add_rr (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS [private]
list_answ (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS [private]
list_ath_rr (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS [private]
list_ques (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS [private]
operator!=(_BDATA &bdata) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
operator=(_BDATA &bdata) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
operator==(_BDATA &bdata) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
oset(size_t new_oset=~0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
ques (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
read() (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
read_name(char *name, long &size) (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS [private]
read_query(DNS_QUERY **query) (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS [private]
read_record(DNS_RECORD **record) (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS [private]
set(_BDATA &bdata, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
set(int value, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
set(void *buff, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
set(char *buff, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
set(const char *buff, size_t size, size_t oset=0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
size(size_t new_size=~0) (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
text() (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA
write() (defined in _PACKET_DNS)_PACKET_DNS
~_BDATA() (defined in _BDATA)_BDATA [virtual]

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