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_PFKI Member List

This is the complete list of members for _PFKI, including all inherited members.
_ITH_IPCC() (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
_PFKS (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [friend]
attach(long timeout) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
attach(const char *path, long timeout) (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
buff_add_ext(PFKI_MSG &msg, sadb_ext **ext, long xlen, bool unit64=true) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
buff_add_ipsec(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
buff_get_address(sadb_address *ext, PFKI_ADDR &addr) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
buff_get_ext(PFKI_MSG &msg, sadb_ext **ext, long type) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
buff_get_ipsec(sadb_x_policy *ext, PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
buff_get_key(sadb_key *ext, PFKI_KEY &key) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
buff_set_address(sadb_address *ext, PFKI_ADDR &addr) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
buff_set_key(sadb_key *ext, PFKI_KEY &key) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
conn (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
detach() (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
io_conf(IPCCONN sconn) (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
io_recv(void *data, size_t size) (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
io_recv(void *data, size_t size, size_t &rcvd) (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
io_send(void *data, size_t size) (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
io_send(void *data, size_t size, size_t &sent) (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]
name(long type, long value) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_address_dst(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_ADDR &addr) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_address_src(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_ADDR &addr) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_key_a(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_KEY &akey) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_key_e(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_KEY &ekey) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_ltime_curr(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_LTIME &ltime) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_ltime_hard(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_LTIME &ltime) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_ltime_soft(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_LTIME &ltime) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_natt(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_NATT &natt) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_policy(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_range(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_RANGE &range) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_sa(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_SA &sa) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
read_sa2(PFKI_MSG &msg, PFKI_SA2 &sa2) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
recv_message(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_add(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_del(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_dump() (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_flush() (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_get(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_getspi(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_message(PFKI_MSG &msg) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_register(u_int8_t satype) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_sainfo(u_int8_t sadb_msg_type, PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo, bool serv) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
send_spadd(PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_spdel(PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_spdump() (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_spflush() (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
send_spinfo(u_int8_t sadb_msg_type, PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo, bool serv) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
send_update(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_acquire(PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_add(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_del(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_dump(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_get(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_getspi(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_spadd(PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_spdel(PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_spdump(PFKI_SPINFO &spinfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
serv_update(PFKI_SAINFO &sainfo) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
sockaddr_len(int safam, int &salen) (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI [private]
wakeup() (defined in _PFKI)_PFKI
~_ITH_IPCC() (defined in _ITH_IPCC)_ITH_IPCC [private]

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